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Mike Hay
8810 E. 16th Place
Indianapolis, IN
Tel. (317)201-5706

Mon-Sat: 9-6 ET

Mon-Sat:9-6 ET 






Since 2004, PPGProps has become known world-wide as a Premium Quality PPG Propeller Manufacturer. Supplying beautiful hardwood propellers for most makes and models of Powered Paraglider.

PPGProps, LLC produces propellers for engines such as JPX Black Devil and Black Magic, Simonini Mini2, RDM, MZ34 and MZ100, Fresh Breeze Simonini and Solo 210, HE R120, Adventure, LaMouette and many others.

If we don't already make a prop for your PPG application, ask about our duplication process. With the aid of an in-house CMM and CNC router, we can duplicate nearly any blade and make pitch changes as necessary for your engine speed requirements.

HOW IT WORKS...You can either allow PPG Props to select a blade from our large database or you can Send us your 2 blade, PPG prop (or a good half of a broken prop) and we can duplicate it using our custom duplicating process.

FOR THE 2011 FLYING SEASON, most current library, premium 2 blade, domestic hardwood propellers up to 51" are $220 THE PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING IN THE 48 STATES PARTS OF ALASKA AND PUERTO RICO.

We accept PayPal and Credit Cards through this site (Pricing/Payment) or by phone. All orders are paid in advance. RUSH orders carry a surcharge of 50% of the prop price plus the cost of overnight shipping. Turn around time is based on the current work load and can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. To read the Shipping Policy, click here.


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